Webhook Explained: What They Are & How to Use Them

Introduction: Webhooks are essentially custom HTTP callbacks (or small snippets of code associated with web application) triggered by certain events. Whenever this triggering event occurs on the source site, the webhook checks for the event collects the data and sends it in the form of an HTTP request to the…


Code Smells: A Better understanding on it

Code smells usually provide hints that may point to deeper underlying issues in the code structure and architecture. According to Martin Fowler, they are often an indicator of a problem rather than the problem themselves. Let's look at some common ones: Long Method Long methods, like their name, are too…


Text Search with Trigrams in PostgreSQL

Text Search With Trigrams Hey folks, consider the situation you are writing a mail to your manager and you misspelled the word “cancel” as “cancer”. Then your text editor comes to the rescue and provides suggestions that you should type cancel instead of cancer. How does it find that spelling…


Some useful Ruby libraries for a web application.

This article is a basic collection of some useful ruby libraries with example. Here I will talk about abbrev, benchmark, chronic, erb, faker and redcarpet. We can use these for adding up good features. And improvements for our applications. Some of these are available with ruby standard installation, while others…


Timezone – How to handle it in ruby on rails ?

We all live in different timezone in this world just as our users use our applications in different ones. But what does it mean for ROR applications? What is the application's timezone? Ever wondered how rails uses timezone for the timestamp displayed on UI? Configuration in application.rb as given below…


Design Patterns & Anti-Patterns – RoR Models

In this blog, we're gonna look into what are Software Designs and design patterns, what's the difference between the design patterns and anti-patterns that we can have in the Ruby on Rails application Models. We'll also look into one of the far most important patterns, MVC in a web application,…


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