Discovering the Stale Closure Trap – “A weird bug”

Have you ever faced a situation where your state defined in the react component is empty or not working as expected, no matter how many times you update it? Or Your Function doesn't return what you expected? If you did, then you might have faced a common pitfall named the…


Slow running Jest test cases – How to optimise it?

As a software developer, slow Jest tests can be frustrating. They can disrupt your CI/CD pipeline and negatively impact computer performance. However, there are ways to optimize and improve their efficiency. This article explores strategies to speed up Jest test cases and enhance the developer workflow. To effectively resolve slow…

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Luxon: Why it is the better alternative for Moment.js

In Luxon, everything is very literal and straightforward. So, there is no need to spend a lot of time understanding their documentation. There are indeed a lot of built-in functions and you may get confused sometimes. So, the best thing to do is to focus on what you need and…


How to optimize Google Maps API for better cost efficiency

There are a lot of services that google provides, one of which is the Google Maps platform. However, there is pricing associated with Google Maps services. In addition, pricing information is found elaborated in this link.  This article relates to several implementations that were discovered and could be beneficial to readers. Let’s…


GA4 : Better ways to migrate from Universal Analytics

The most recent data collection tool for web-based analytics is called Universal Analytics. It makes use of the Measurement Protocol for various digital devices, an SDK for mobile apps, and the analytics.js tracking code for web pages. The recent publish by Google mentioned Universal Analytics will not be live from July 1,…


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