How to form Good Product Habits with User Personas

Introduction In today's competitive marketplace, understanding your target audience is crucial for crafting successful products. User personas are the key to achieving this understanding. Let's dive into the world of user personas and discover their importance in product development, all illustrated through a practical example. User Personas in Action: Meet…


How Good User Stories Can Lead to Great Products

Introduction:  Before we speak about user stories, since it's the Cricket World Cup season, imagine you are the coach of a cricket team. You are responsible for coaching individual players and extracting the best value from each of them. You cannot come to the room with a textbook “one size…


How to Master Product Prioritization: Best Practices for Success

Introduction  There are several reasons why a product manager should use product prioritization techniques. Product prioritization techniques help in maximizing the impact of a product, managing possible product risks, making data-driven decisions, and also help product managers take a customer-centric approach knowing what feature to build next. In this article,…


Dogfooding – How to Make Your Products Better?

In the ever-evolving world of product development, one principle stands out as a beacon of wisdom: "dogfooding”. My leaders insisted on it about 14 years ago when I started in product. My leaders and I cannot stop bringing this topic up every time we talk to our product team members. …


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