How to optimize Google Maps API for better cost efficiency

There are a lot of services that google provides, one of which is the Google Maps platform. However, there is pricing associated with Google Maps services. In addition, pricing information is found elaborated in this link.  This article relates to several implementations that were discovered and could be beneficial to readers. Let’s…


How to do workload modelling in performance testing?

Introduction: We frequently hear the term “Performance” while discussing software programs or anything we purchase, such as cars, smartphones, etc. Always say that the performance of anything which we buy should be good. Because we care about the efficiency and life of the product. In this blog, we gonna know…


How to improve Node.js application performance with clustering?

Further Improve your Node.js application performance. Although node.js is a single-threades programming language, it is consideres one of the most performant one. Competing very well with other multi threaded languages. However, if we look deeper into the workings we will identify that Node.js, by default, doesn’t utilise all the available…


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