How to work with Stored Procedures

A Stored Procedure is an user defined SQL code that contains a sequence of SQL instructions. A Stored Procedure can be thought of as a function in other programming languages. Stored Procedures are not part of standard SQL. But, multiple RDBMS providers provide the Stored Procedure functionality. What is it?…


React Native

For creating real, natively rendered mobile applications for iOS and Android, use the JavaScript framework React Native. Although it is based on React, Facebook's JavaScript library for creating user interfaces, it targets mobile platforms as opposed to browsers. In other words, using the familiar and beloved JavaScript library, web developers…


Host views

In the host platform, views are represented as trees (e.g. Android, iOS). The host views on Android are instances of the host view tree's building blocks, such as android.view.ViewGroup, android.widget.TextView, etc. Each host view's dimensions and placement are determined by LayoutMetrics computed with Yoga, and each host view's design and…



regarding communications. Signals that are sent and received synchronously have a set timing. This means that since the sender and receiver operate on the same clock cycle and operate essentially in fixed time intervals, errors only occur when signals are sent or received outside of the expected window of time.…


Concurrent features

React 18 will be the first React release adding opt-in support for concurrent features such as: startTransition: lets you keep the UI responsive during an expensive state transition. useDeferredValue lets you defer updating the less important parts of the screen. Streaming SSR with selective hydration: lets your app load and become…


Server-Side Rendering

An application's capacity to transform HTML files on the server into a fully rendered HTML page for the client is known as server-side rendering (SSR). The server receives a request for information from the web browser and immediately responds by sending the client a fully rendered page. Before content is…


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