Package Manager : How to choose the best?

What is a package manager in the context of react-native applications In the context of React Native applications, a package manager is a tool used to manage the dependencies and packages required for the project. React Native is built on top of JavaScript, which has a vast ecosystem of open-source…

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What is ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) – A complete guide.

What is an ETL? ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. ETL is an automated data pipeline engineering methodology. The data acquired and prepared for use in a data mart or data warehouse. These data belongs to analytics environment. In ETL the data will be curated from different sources. Eventually…


Slow running Jest test cases – How to optimise it?

As a software developer, slow Jest tests can be frustrating. They can disrupt your CI/CD pipeline and negatively impact computer performance. However, there are ways to optimize and improve their efficiency. This article explores strategies to speed up Jest test cases and enhance the developer workflow. To effectively resolve slow…

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