How Good User Stories Can Lead to Great Products

Introduction:  Before we speak about user stories, since it's the Cricket World Cup season, imagine you are the coach of a cricket team. You are responsible for coaching individual players and extracting the best value from each of them. You cannot come to the room with a textbook “one size…


How Metaprogramming makes Ruby expressive!!!

Introduction Ruby is celebrated for its expressiveness and elegance. Much of its charm stems from the concept of metaprogramming. In this blog, we delve into the captivating realm of Ruby metaprogramming, uncovering its historical origins and emphasizing its advanced features that set it apart from other programming languages. What is…

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Tiny people testing quality assurance in software isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon character fixing bugs in hardware device. Application test and IT service concept

How to Boost Software Testing Expertise?

Introduction- In the fast-moving world of software testing, being adaptable is a key to success. As technology advances, the demands on software testers change. To excel in this dynamic field, you must not only understand the basics of testing. But also apply them in real-world situations. This blog offers expert…


Watch Your Sidekiq Jobs Soar using Autoscaling on AWS

Sidekiq is an awesome workhorse for efficiently running background jobs. Whether it be sending emails, processing huge amount of data etc... Maybe that is why for many of us, background processing in ruby ( rails ) is synonymous with sidekiq. All thanks to is efficient use of memory and concurrency…

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How to Master Product Prioritization: Best Practices for Success

Introduction  There are several reasons why a product manager should use product prioritization techniques. Product prioritization techniques help in maximizing the impact of a product, managing possible product risks, making data-driven decisions, and also help product managers take a customer-centric approach knowing what feature to build next. In this article,…


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