Discovering the Stale Closure Trap – “A weird bug”

Have you ever faced a situation where your state defined in the react component is empty or not working as expected, no matter how many times you update it? Or Your Function doesn't return what you expected? If you did, then you might have faced a common pitfall named the…


Queue Fusion: Unleashing Multithreading Magic with Ruby

Introduction Motivation for this post is to let people know things about designing concurrent queue. A queue is a fundamental data structure that follows the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle. It represents an ordered list of elements where the addition of new elements (enqueue) occurs at the rear, and removal of existing…


Vector-Based Image Search in Ruby on Rails with Weaviate

Have you ever wondered how to build an image search engine (like Google Images, Myntra fashion products search, etc,.)? In this blog post, we will create a simple image search feature in the Ruby on Rails application using the Weaviate vector database. The modern approach to implementing image search involves…


Test Strategies to ensure High Quality Deliverables

The test strategies involves quality engineers collaborating with stakeholders, end users and team members. Then, this interaction is suggested throughout the development pipeline to achieve High Quality Deliverables. According to me, High quality can be achieved using numerous elements. Whats more, Let's comprehend this by dissecting a few of these…


How to form Good Product Habits with User Personas

Introduction In today's competitive marketplace, understanding your target audience is crucial for crafting successful products. User personas are the key to achieving this understanding. Let's dive into the world of user personas and discover their importance in product development, all illustrated through a practical example. User Personas in Action: Meet…


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